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Saturday, October 3, 2009

When Geithner Speaks Nobody Should Listen

Read the article from Reuters,
Strong dollar 'very important': Geithner
"A strong dollar is very important to this country, I mean that, and it's very important that people recognize it," he told a news forum at the Newseum in downtown Washington.
Read the full here
Yes, a strong dollar is important Mr. Geithner but is most important to people right here in this country.  I understand how the world uses the dollar and that it is important to maintain that strength.

By improving the economic condition of this country, by giving back what was taken from us, by bailing "us" out instead of all your bankster buddies the dollar will strengthen and the world will have more confidence.

The problem we have here is that we are too worried about "the world" and try to fix "the world" before we do anything for ourselves.  It almost appears as if we are trying to take control of the world by taking control of the world economy.  Are we?  Remember the words of Meyer Rothschild (the creator of the CDentral Banking system and whose family still controls the Central Bank in  England;
"Let me control the money of a nation and I care not who makes its laws"
I believe Rothschild had a plan and the plan is being executed and finalized.  By the way, Rothschild lived in the late 1700's and put into financial prominence people like J. P. Morgan and August Bush over the years by him and his family.
Geithner added, "And we are going to make sure that our independent Federal Reserve keeps inflation low and stable over time...and we are going to run fiscal policy in this country consistent with that basic objective of going back to living within our means."
It is interesting Mr. Geithner, that I pick up on this comment when you say, "...our independant Federal Reserve...".  Are you making the point that the Central Bank - which is independant and can operate with no oversight from Congress - the people - and do what it wants at will?  Yes, you are.  The mere fact that you mention the word independent indicates you are making a statement to those that want your old FED audited and exposed.  Why is that so wrong and why can we not know who the true owners of The Fed are.  After all it is OUR MONEY - or is it?

Your are one of the first in line to protect your old bosses from a position outside of our government.  Now you support your old bosses from inside the government as head of the agency that should be controlling our money and our finances.  You are dangersous as our Secretary of the Treasury, you were dangerous as President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, you were dangerous in your previous positions as well.  In other words, you are very much a part of "The New World Order" a phrase we thought we first heard from Bush 1 but was actually first coined by none other then Meyer Rothschild in the 1700's .  The New World Order was and still is his plan.  His disciples continue the effort.

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