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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Federal Reserve Manipulates

Sen. Alan Grayson Questions Federal Reserve General Counsel Alvarez at a hearing. intervies Congressman. Grayson a leading proponent of Ron Paul's effort to audit The Fed.
In this extraordinary interview the often controversial but never boring Congressman Grayson discusses his exchange with the Federal Reserve General Counsel Mr. Alvarez. He grilled Mr. Alvarez about the Fed’s intervention in the United States stock market, also asked about auditing the Fed’s gold holdings and asked about front-running of the Fed‘s actions by primary dealers.  Congressman Alan Grayson was the first President of IDT Corp., a telecom/internet company.  It grew to be a $2 billion-a-year business, on the Fortune 1000 list, and traded on the New York Stock Exchange.  In short, Alan has lived the American Dream, starting a successful business and seeing it
Interesting and frightening insight about The Fed and their control of our economy and us.
This is an interview worth listening to.  Attorney;y Alvarez is evasive and attempts to be elusive.  Comments about the N.Y. Federal Reserve Bank and JP Morgan in particular expose manipulaton.

Listen and decide for here

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