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Monday, June 15, 2009

What We’re Hearing In The Media

This post from my other blog TheForeclosureDetonatorFORUM as posted June 12, 2009.

What are we hearing in the media these days in reference to foreclosures and the state of the economy in general?


It is very curious to me that the most important stories of our everyday lives – which relates to the majority of the average Americans – is not prevelant in any of our national media. Oh, yes, they do announce the new unemployment figures each month, but only as a report of numbers with no story or substance behind it.

We hear little if anything about foreclosoures that would have you believe that foreclosoures are not rampant and that this is no longer a problem in our economy and more important in our society.


Unemployment is increasing and the number of actual unemployed – not just those that are currently receiving unemployment benefits – are staggering. You see, only those that are actually receiving benefit payments are considered unemployed, so if you are still unemployed but have gone past your benefit payment period – you no longer count. Startling when you think about it.

In addition, foreclosures are on the rise and with every batch of new unemployed there is created a new batch of foreclosures.


Two economic segments have yet to crash – commercial real estate and credit card defaults. We are seeing the effects of these two markets already but not in the media. So no news must be good news. If it is not announced or reported in the media then it must not be. Right!


So what has all this to do in a Foreclosure Defense blog? A lot! You see, little is being done to help the people. Banks, insurance companies, car companies, hedge funds and Wall Street firms are still getting all the government help – that’s you and me giving out that aid – but we cannot give any to ourselves who so desparately need it. What’s more until “we” – you and I – recover there can be no recovery in our country. Allowing the “fat cats” to thrive while the rest of us starve (have you seen any stats on homeless and hungry children in this country?) does not bring about recovery it brings about … well you think about this or research it. Research and ask other what a country where there are a small, very small percentage of people that controls all the money and wealth and the rest of the country’s people live in poverty or near poverty is called.

What me must do is help ourselves – not with violence, hate or anger – but with the laws and constitution of this land. We can speak out and ask questions of those in charge. We can stand up and fight against what is illegal for most but becomes legal for the elite few.

Foreclosures are one of the big areas we can fight back. there is a small revolution already in progress in the foreclosure arena. With the “Produce the Note” defense haveing made it to the forefront in recent months – more and more people are fighting – and winning.

Defending your foreclosure is not a means to get your house free and clear and it should not be. It is however, a means to get the banks (?), lenders (?), servicers (?) and Trustees (?) – whoever they may all be – to stop taking your house illegally then giving it to someone else at firesale prices and worst of all stockpiling the realestate themselves to unload at higher prices (meaning prifits to them) at a later date.

It will cause them to truly and honestly negotiate and modify loans to enable people to stay in their homes, stabalizing values and neighborhoods instead of enabling the rich to get richer and stabalizing the “elite” society.

The Rule of Law is the Rule and is not meant to be interpreted based on personal opinion by judges – appointed or elected. Judges, especially some here in Florida are using their bias and opinion to rule in foreclosure cases and NOT enforcing the laws that are on the books. Much of the reason is that they are overwhelmed by all the cases and want to clear their calendars. I gtuess there is no such thing as working overtime in a salaried position in the courts/government as there is in most corporate jobs. I believe eh 40 hour workweek has long past us by as most salaried people are now working 50 plus hours.

As I always say, two wrongs don’t make a right. Just because you are delinquent on your payment does not disqualify you for justice under the law. The law is fosr EVERYONE, delinquent on payments, homeless, hungry, rich and poor – the law is the same – it does not change.

But were it not for the internet and blogs and the abity to share information – those in control be it the Federal Reserve, the Banks or our elected officials would have free reign to do as they wish. In fact, they are already taking those liberties with us.

Defend your foreclosure, I believe it is the first step to healing our economy and our society. Do the research, there is much to help you do this. Hire an attorney that is knowledgeable in this field but if you find you cannot afford one (there are many that you can afford) then DEFEND YOURSELF PRO SE – meaning defend your self by representing yourslef in court.

If you live in what is called a non judicial foreclosure staste – one where the note holder can simply auction your house with notice to you but without having to take you to court first – you can defend by initiating the “Show me the Note” defense in your local court. Yes, you must take the initiative and file the case and pay the filing fees associated with this but you will find that it will get you that extra time you need or better yet get “them” to the negotiating table.

I will be more proactive on this site from here on. I will provide copies of actual Motions filed in various courts on various cases. I will direct you to other blogs with even more indepth information and to blogs by others who have successfully defended themselves.

More to come.

Addition to this post:

Flippingfrenzy and Ralph Roberts:

There has been no news other then a commenter on the Flipingfrenzy blog who offered an "opinion" (I believe it is an opinion) as no documentation, references or sources were provided to substantiate. I repled to that comment asking for substantiation but todate have not receved any.

We will update you when substantiated and public information is available. We will not disclose or report on rumors.


There are still many hundreds of thouseands - perhaps even millions of victims of this economic crisis (Disaster). If you feel you were a victim as an employer, employee or consumer let us know your story. If we choose to print your story - with your permission, of course, it may help others if in no other way then just letting them know theya are not alone. You can email me at

Caveat Emptor - Buyer Beware - my favorite warning is more to be headed today then ever before. Frauds and scams are everywhere, especially in the real estate markets. Our local media did a report last night of a rather new scam taking place with rentals.

People are breaking in to foreclosred and vacant homes, changing the locks on them and advertising them for rent. The news report said the FBI is investigating these cirmes. The report also cautioned people to verify ownership prior to renting, do not give personal information such as your social security number and if the "deal is too good" it probably is not legitimate. Do your homework - CAVEAT EMPTOR.

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