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Thursday, June 11, 2009

What happened to Ralph Roberts and Flippingfrenzy blog?

The beginning of this current economic crisis - or disaster as I prefer to call it - in 2007 was entirely blamed on the mortgage broker industry. Mortgage brokers were called the root cause by "selling" people so called "toxic" loans. Loans that the media with the support of our major financial institutions, Wall Street and our Federal Government, were represented as being created by, underwritten by and funded by mortgage brokers who should have known better then to do such a terrible injustice.
In addition to all the finger pointers mentioned above, one non institutional finger pointer was Ralph Roberts who published (publishes?) a blog called His blast against our mortgage broker industry was totally without merit or basis of fact. It was, in fact, just his own spin on the false impressions and opinions of illusionary fact by the previously mentioned large, larger and too large to fail institutions above.

Mr. Roberts blog post angered me and the thousands of readers at the still very popular blog - a forum that at the time tracked failing mortgage companies, disclosed some of the truths and was a forum for mortgage brokers to voice their opinions, share the knowledge of the truth they possessed and vent their angers and frustrations.

However, no one seemed to approach or directly challange Mr. Roberts so I did. To my surprise he responded not by email but by a personal telephone call. This in itself impressed me as he is published author, a long time realtor in Michigan, co author and collaborator with others and in general enjoyed a much higher profile then I did and was obviously very busy given all of his activities.

This conversation was the beginning of a relationship that eventually led to him extending me an ivitation to be a guest writer for his daily blog. I accepted his inviation to write and my posts can still be found on Whle this became a short lived invitation, my respect for Mr. Roberts continues. You see, he retracted the statements he originally made that angered me and thousnads of others. He consulted me on his writing of his retraction to make sure of accuracy and consulted me on many other occasions after that for articles he was writing. We also had many good conversations as to fraud in the mortgage and real estate industries and how high (the thesis of several of my writings) the fraud was. Of course we know now that it was at the very highest levels of uor financial industry - which we have and still are bailing out.

But an interesting thing happened to me on my way to Flippingfrenzy several weeks ago. There have been no new posts by Mr. Roberts since April 28th. At first, I payed no attention to this as writing daily articles in addition to working your daily job or business is difficult - as I can very well attest to - I guess that is why I was invited to write the weekend articles. I again did not think much of it for a few days as the pattern was for him to not post daily at all times.

Reently I received an email from a couple of readers informing me that Mr. Roberts sites had all been down for several days. News to me as I admit I had not gone there myself for several weeks nor contributed my comments daily as I had been doing for almost 2 years.

All of Mr. Roberts sites - he has several sites in addition to Flippingfrenzy - had been down and then appeared again yet no new content since April 28, 2009. Today being June 11th, this now becomes very curious. Even more curious is that there are still readers at Flippingfrenzy commenting and having dialogue on earlier posts.
I, in fact, posted a comment directing people here to continue dialogue. Please note, I am not trying to "steal" his readership, I am trying to preserve it as I found much of the dialogue to be informative, interesting and necessary.

So the question remains...What happend to Ralph Roberts and Flippingfrenzy? If any of you out there know - please let the rest of us hear from you.


  1. Larry,
    I am the writer of one of the CashBack blogs on the flippingfrenzy site - I too have been wondering what had happened to Ralph. Someone posted right after you regarding lawsuits??? You obviously haven't been served, neither have I and we both have used our full names so I wonder how much truth there is with that.
    Ruth Lamb

  2. I don't recall you or Larry throwing names and specific accusations around, so you're probably safe. I don't know if there's any truth to the claims - but if there is, it would explain the sudden silence.

  3. I threw plenty of names and specific's around.... but I can only guess that I am safe as I spoke the truth and the last time I checked telling the truth shouldn't get you in trouble.... besides, my case is about ready to make headlines in AZ so all of the non-believers will be faced with a ton of truths.