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Monday, February 11, 2008

From a sub prime crisis to a NATIONAL DISASTER, continued

Jim Rogers Predicts U.S. Economy Will Enter Worst Recession `in a While'
February 3 2008: 7:07 AM EST

Others are seeing and verbalizing just what I am but don't take it from me, I don't have the credentials, only the living experience to make my judgments by. But you can take it from Jim Rogers (a brief bio in the article) who DOES have credentials. What struck me the most was his comment:

“We are probably going to have one of the worst recessions we've had since the Second World War. It's not a good scene.”
Jim Rogers

In my previous post, I called it a National Disaster. For too many months now there has been a cover-up on what has actually occurrred, who caused it and "who" condoned it.

As the days and months go on, more and more TRUTH is coming out. Notice however, not from our government sources nor our main stream media-NBC, CBS, ABC nor even CNN whose on line edition carried the subject story of this post.

While Mr. Rogers is also writing about how one can make money in a bad and even real bad economy, his comments only apply to those few who have sufficient money to pursue an investment strategy. For many Americans this is not possible. Those being hurt the most, the middle class, is struggling to just survive with no time or funds to figure out how to thrive. I don't hold this against Mr. Rogers or anyone else in this society of ours who has the financial capacity to survive and thrive so long as they do something to help the rest of us.

To me, his statements in this story is that something. It is something you won't hear on the six o'clock news but has to be brought out into the open. Until we can all admit to the problem we cannot begin to correct it. Our politicians and our government as a whole are feeding us "feel good" fixes to cure the hangover for the moment but not the disease. An alcoholic in denial cannot ever begin to curb the problem because they claim they don't have one. Yet they remain drunk day after day while their families, jobs and friends suffer.

This country is an Economic Alcoholic. We are experiencing the "Perfect Economic Storm" and have no one to treat us or steer our ship safely through the storm. In effect, we are a bunch of drunken sailors attempting to navigate and sail a ship through a hurricane without a compass, radio equipment or even a map.

Notice our political candidates are speaking very little of the economy and also notice that we hear very little news lately from our war zones. We are being fed little drips of alcohol to keep us from focusing on the real issues at hand that IS affecting the majority of us on a daily basis.

This forum was created to dispel the myths being told about the mortgage industry and the workforce within so as to put the blame where it aptly should be. Today some of this truth is surfacing. The law suits and actions being brought by local and state governments as well as others will begin to expose the true causes of this "National Disaster" but just learning the cause will not correct the problem for you and me.

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