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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Wall Street Conspiracy...As broadcast on TruTV's "Conspiracy Theory"

Note:  This was first published in our sister publication -  The information is not new for some of us but it is information needed to be seen and heard by all of us.  It will be simul posted on all of our sister sites.

This is a MUST SEE program.

Jesse Ventura, former Governor of Minnesota and  host of TruTV's program Conspiracy Theory exposes the scam that brought the country into financial ruin.  He exposes - through interviews with Wall Street insiders such as Nomi Prins, former Goldman Executive turned whistleblower and Matt Taibbi reporter for Rolling Stone and author of the "Giant Vampire Squid" label he placed on Goldman.  Also interviewed such people as Rep. Ron Paul in reference to the Federal Reserve offering some very important information which some of us already know but all need to know.

This program exposes the criminal activities, the fraud and the cover ups that lead to the Great Recession we are still in the midst of.

This is a must see program already viewed by thousands but should be viewed by all Americans.  We Americans have been "had".  We have been "duped".  We have been and robbed.  In fact, we are still being robbed.  As I have been saying, a systematic program of stripping Americans of all their assets - money, property, jobs and entitlements - leaving us totally dependent on a government controlled by Wall Street, the Federal Reserve and their true owners - foreign bankers whose families were involved in its inception back in 1913 and will continue control until we, as a nation, decide to dissolve the Federal Reserve.
There have been thousands of views already.  If you like it like I do, then please forward it as well.  America MUST KNOW the truth.  The information in this program just further verifies what I and others have been writing about for years.

Wall Street Conspiracy with Jesse Ventura...Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. How can any of this be stopped when the banksters are controlling all of our 'accounts'? Where is Robin Hood when you need him?

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