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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Real Faceof the People and the Banks

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For over three years now, I, at TheMortgageCornerFORUM have been talking about the crimes and fraud committed by our banks.  Early on, in 2007, people didn't believe me or at least didn't want to believe me.  But it was true then and it is still true today.  The banks are committing crimes and fraud against the American people. 

With the aid of our Federal Government, the banks have been able to do business in a way that would put you and I in jail forever if we employed the same tactics.  There seems to have been a plan, a plan to enslave the entire population save a few of the "elite".

This plan, I believe was once called the "New World Order", first introduced by Meyer Rothschild and most recently exposed by George H.W. Bush during his term as President.  You see, his grandfather August Bush was put into the banking business by the Rothschilds when they began the Bank of New York.  A. Bush was made President of the bank through which the Rothschilds funnelled money to Adolf Hitler to fund his war against mankind. 

Now remember that it was during the George W. Bush years that the plan to create the New World Order was accelerated into the final phases - control of most of the assets of American and control of the middle east oil - the real reasons for the invasiton of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now, with over three years of the worst economy in this nations history, the world economy reeling from the events and actions here - we are still in the midst of the final touches of creating the New World Order.  The transfer of wealth is almost complete.  Most of what Americans had are now in the hands of a few bankers.  The government is taking control of the people as more and more people are becoming dependent on government subsidy programs, i.e. food stamps, welfare, health care and even work as the Federal government is one of the few places left where one can get employment if they are lucky.

Taxes are increasing as is the cost of living.  Food and fule, the two necessary commodities for our people are going up in price yet not recognized by our governments statisticians when computing the so called "inflation rate".  These two items do not factor into inflation -that by government mandate.  Obviously, if you take that out of the equation inflation looks pretty low.  Of you were to put them back into the figures we would have high double digit inflation.  This just an attempt by "our" governemnt - the people WE elected - to deceive us into thinking they have everything under control when in fact, they control everything.

Today I published an article in our sister publication, on the real situation with foreclosures.  It is an article called "Foreclsouregate" as published by Ellen Brown in her blog Web of Debt.  Please click here to read it.

I posted another post on the reality of the unemployment situation and the true state of affairs on the affects on everyday people's lives.  It is a story from CBS 60 Minutes about the unemployment situation in Silicon Valley.  Please click here to view it and read my commentary there.
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