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Monday, March 1, 2010

Former IRS Agent Speaks Out on "Restore The Republic"

 This is a MUST SEE video for all who want to restore the freedom in our Republic.  Our system is broken and we, the people, are being violated.  Watch, listen and comment if you dare.  Unfortunately I cannot embed it but the link is below.

In this edition of the Reality Report former IRS Special Agent Joseph Banister joins Gary to weigh in on Joseph Stack's attack on the IRS building in Austin. Franchi also presents stories on Citigroup's recent bank run prevention plan and Ron Paul's recent straw poll victory at CPAC. We also unspin ABC's attempts at demonizing patriots, expose CNN's simulation, present Utah's recent legislative action against the Federal Government and spot light on Glenn Beck's ratings drop. Gary brands a new "Enemy of the State" and reads from the mailbag.

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  1. ‘Beasley Allen, along with Dagney Johnson-Walker, a Birmingham lawyer, recently filed suit on behalf of the City of Birmingham against various sub-prime lenders including Wells Fargo, Regions Bank and Countrywide. The suit contends that the companies have violated the Fair Housing Act (FHA) by participating in predatory lending practices. The lawsuit also alleges the lenders violated other state laws and have profited by their wrongdoing.’

  2. It will be interesting to follow these law suits. These banks and others did a lot wrong and still are. Even many of their foreclosure law suits have "no standing" meaning they do not have the right to take the action but do so anyway basically committing fraud on the courts.

    But, they get away with it all. The law is selective. It allows banks to violate it but enforces it very strongly for the public.

    No justice in the justice system.

  3. Acosta originally tried to get into the Obama administration's Making Home Affordable program, which the White House launched a year ago to alleviate the foreclosure crisis. The program was supposed to help 3 million to 4 million borrowers.

    Her next loan, if it materializes, will come through a different program. Bank of America developed this one to settle a lawsuit with Florida and 10 other states over abusive lending practices by Countrywide, a lender Bank of America absorbed in 2008. Bank of America also agreed to pay more than $8 billion in penalties as part of that settlement.

    But very little is settled for Acosta, even with the promise of another loan modification. "Why should I believe what they say?" she asked. "They haven't done anything for me in all this time."

    Here's a retired, disabled woman who has trouble breathing, saying she can't sleep because of her mortgage.

  4. Bank of America sued for not modifying mortgages

    Homeowners have sued Bank of America Corp for allegedly reneging on a promise it made to modify troubled mortgages as a condition of accepting $25 billion of federal bailout money.

  5. Are people this despondent over losing a home or is it they feel helpless in the current economic environment?

    Homeowners Facing Foreclosure Take Own Lives