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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Freedom.TV's Reality Report with Gary Franchi

Below is an embed of a recent internet airing of The Reality Report with Gary Franchi.  The basis of this program - a part of the Restore The Republic movement - is to offer news and information not found in commercial news media. 

What does this have to do with TheMortgageCornerFORUM you might ask.  I founded TMCFORUM back in 2007 to expose the lies being told by the banking industries as related to the mortgage broker industry.  As the months and years rolled on, I found that the lies coming from the banks went beyond wanting to destroy mortgage brokers to wanting to take control of our entire nation and our wealth.  In case you have not noticed, they have been succeeding.

Our effort now is to expose all lies, corruption and conspiracies that exist within our government, The Federal Reserve and the banks.  Not only are we being robbed but our freedoms and Constitutional rights are - and have been for some time now- being hijacked.  Both of our major political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats are complicit in this effort to end America as we know it - a land of freedom and opportunity for all.  Much has already been done which, if it continues, will enslave all of us, have us live in fear of "big brother" and limit access to a very minimul middle class lifestyle.

Watch the video.  Note:  Please turn off Bloomberg TV on the left by pressing the square button.

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