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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Debate on America's Future

Robert L. Borosage, a contributor for The Huffington Post wrote a good - tell it like it is - article, Main Street and Wall Street: A Tale of Two Cities.
On Main Street, millions remain unemployed, foreclosures are rising, pain is spreading. Many of the best jobs that have gone are not coming back. The downturn has been particularly brutal on the young. As a New York Times editorial reports, the jobless rate for teenagers is the highest recorded since records began being kept after World War II. For low-income black students, only 4 in 100 found jobs this fall.
The pain on Main Street is also not sustainable. The basic promises we make to one another -- a good education for our children, an opportunity for those who work hard, security in the golden years -- depend on an economy with a broad and vibrant middle class, where prosperity it widely shared. As the middle class struggles with declining wages and increasing insecurity, those promises can't be kept.
Democrats and Republicans in Congress don't yet get it.  The White House does not get it.  If they do, then they care not about the people - those they swore an oath to protect and serve.

The more I see as each day goes by the the more I see a plan in action.  A plan so great that it is truly non partisan.  An effort perhaps to eliminate the middle class by transferring their wealth up the economic ladder.  The infusion of trillions of dollars into the elite few in corporate America that appear to be running and controlling our government and our way of life.

Read Mr. Borosage's here

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