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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

$13 Trilliond Dollars To Banks Outside of TARP

Tavis Smiley interviews ex Goldman Sachs executive Nomi Prins.  This link has a 9 minute video interview which is worth listening to.  She talks about "too big to fail" and the closeness of various people in government - past and present - to Wall Street, specifically Goldman Sachs.

She also talks about $13 trillion banks have received that we may never get paid back for.  All we hear about is the TARP funds which totaled $700 billion.  It seems that money just keeps flowing to Wall Street and the Banks yet money for the people's needs are always questioned as to "where are we going to get it" or "we are mortgaging our childrens future" or simplly, "we have a deficit now so we can't afford more".

There is trillions available for war and trillions available for banks but nothing to create jobs, to provide health care and support small business.  With starving children in this country you would think we could feed them as easily as we feed the banks.

Get more insight and more truth.

Goldman Whistleblower Nomi Prins Talks Banking Heist With Tavis Smiley - Home - The Daily title to view.

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