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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Where's The Recovery? Lies, Lies and More Lies

News reports from various sources are saying that the Recession is over and that we are on our way to recovery?  More "feel good" reporting on facts coming from our government officials and our non government Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.

Do "they" think the people are really that stupid?  Are "they" under the impressions that "they" can run our country by lying to us?  And, who are "they" anyhow?

When I first heard the reports of the Recession (really a Depression) is over and some of my friends are believing it, I said, "how can it be over when unemployment is still rising, foreclosures are still increasing, bankruptcies are increasing, credit is still frozen and consumer spending is still down".

Then on September 14th, "" published this article written by David Edwards and Daniel Tencer.  It is based on the CNN interview of Ron Paul.  The story linked here is
Ron Paul: Federal government ‘one giant toxic asset’

Note:  As always to view this link please click on the stop button on Boomberg TV to the left.  The stop button is the square button in the embedded video.  Thank you.
This video is from CNN’s American Morning, broadcast Sept. 14, 2009

Regardless of your political affiliations or views and regardless of your opinion of Rep. Ron Paul, you need to listen.  He is saying things the American public needs to not only hear but need to know.  His views are not over the top nor are they fictitious as are the views, opinions and flat out statements by our government and the media they feed.

Let me highlight some of Rep. Paul's comments - many of which you have heard from me as well.

"The US economy has not really recovered from last year’s financial crisis, and the policies of the Federal Reserve, the US’s central bank, are ensuring that the suffering will continue much longer than necessary,..."

"“They claim there’s a recovery but the recovery ought to be measured by the people working."

"True unemployment is now 16 percent, and the people who lost money have not regained the money."

"The people who lost houses have not gotten their houses back."
"There is no recovery,” said Paul.'

"“There is no recovery, all there is is a lot of fudging,” Paul told CNN’s Kieran Chetly."
Paul had this to say in reference to statements made by others - including a Nobel prize winner - that The Federal Reserve rescued the global economy from another Great Depression last year.

“I think the Fed has done a wonderful job for Wall Street, but … the average guy lost a lot of money. They [the Fed] come in with more credit, and pump it up and bail out all the big guys getting all these bonuses for all these individuals who should have failed — and they claim there’s a recovery.”
Does anyone have any doubts as to the accuracy of his comment?  I certainly don't.  Anyone still suffering from this Wall Street created crisis - most of us - have to be deaf and blind to not see this. 

The Fed has pumped up and saved the very ones that brought us to this point.  And, those same "banksters" with the blessing of The Fed are profiting more then ever.  They are paying themselves those outrageous salaries and bonuses and it is business as usual for them.  Saved from the brink of disaster by us who have been thrown to the wolves.  We, the people, don't matter.  We are sacraficial lambs led to the slaughter so that The Fed's buddies can continue to rape and pillage and live the lives of luxury even "the Rich and Famous" of past would envy.

Ron Paul is right when he says,

"I don’t think we seem to be recovering,” he continued. “There are more people unemployed all the time. … We’re doing everything wrong, we’re doing what we did in the Depression, we’re doing what the Japanese did in the 1990s, which is propping up bad investment."
Let me finish by saying, "There is NO RECOVERY! There will be NO RECOVERY, not for the average American, not for the lower class, not for the middle class and ultimately not even for the upper class.  You see, there is emerging a new "elite" class of people embedded into a corrupt corporate culture supported by, encouraged by and funded by our government with our money.

Pay attention, open your eyes and prepare for more.  Do not get lulled into believing you are on your way to recovery and prosperity any time soon.

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