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Friday, July 3, 2009

Fourth of July...An American Holiday

With all that is happing here and abroad, it is a refreshing pause in our lives to celebrate this important day in our history and to reflect back on the sacrafices made by all including our founding fathers to make this day and our country possible.

We should furhter pause and take note of what they - our founding fathers - were attempting to achieve, what our Constitution really says and what the Bill Of Rights does for all of us. Perhaps it is time to go back to basics - that is to go back to the basis of both of these two great documents and continue to live by them.

With all of the uncertainties in this country, the false sense of security we are being fed and a media obsessed with the death of one person - as famous and controversial and talented as he may have been - we are led to loose sight of our true plight and circumstance.

As unemployment reaches a reported 9.5% - a 26 year high - an additional 465,000 plus PEOPLE are recognizing this holiday with fear and trepidation. How will they feed themselves, where will they live, how will they drive to seek other employment and in general how will they survive?

While we all will be taking the time to rmember all those who have served our country, given their lives on behalf of our country and sacraficed in the name of our country let us not forget all of us who have sufferred as those 465,000 newly unemployed are and will be suffering so that the might of this nation can continue.

We are all Americans and we are all active participants in this sacrafice. We are a nation in crisis and this one day of celebration is a welcome and meaningful rest stop.

Please view this celebration of the 4th of July from Please turn off Bloomberg TV on the left to hear this link below.
Happy Independence Day from!

TheMortgageCorner wishes all of you a SAFE and Happy Fourth of July. We will see you next week to discuss all the issues at hand.

1 comment:

  1. Just beautiful, Larry! Happy 4th to you and yours.