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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Here we go again (quote stolen from Ronald Reagan)

Religion. Why is it all so important when choosing a politician, a judge or any public servant after all they are all public servants. They work for us not their church, their friends, business associates or benefactors. They are our employees, people we charge with running our government, dispensing justice fairly for all and insuring that the freedoms we were founded on continue to survive.

Yet, as soon as someone is mentioned for a high profile position the first things we hear are not that persons experience, background, education or knowledge but their religion, gender or ethnicity. Have we not gone beyond that yet?

It appears that many Americans today are hell bent and determined to critisize anyone and anything. The concept of working together regardless of political party, race, gender or religion seems to not exist. It is no wonder we seem to not make progress in so many different areas of concern and need.

Just think about a family where the husband and wife are always on different sides of the fence on most all subjects especially when it involves their kids. We would call that a dysfunctional family and dysfunctional it certainly is. It is a disaster in the making. There can be no good that comes out of this type of relationship for anyone involved - even outsiders that come in contact with them.

Compare this to our political system. We have two parties (that we recognize as a majority) - the husband and the wife. Then there are the children - the people of this nation. Since mom and dad (Democrats and Republicans) are always arguing and disagreeing with each other, little is ever accomplished or decided. Then we, the children, who listen to this all day and everyday are more and more confused and somewhat frightened. Just think about this for a moment. Try to relate to analogy and maybe we can begin to see where some of our problems are and where some of our solutions may be.

Even though I am old enough to remember President Eisenhower and President Kennedy (I was in High School when Kennedy was assasinated), I really don't remember what the nations political temperature was. I have read that the people of this country did rally behind our Presidents up to and through Kennedy. This seems to make sense to me as I reflect back. I can remember my parents speaking positively of Eisenhower even though they were Democrats. Yes there was some critisizm but some critisizm is always healthy.

From my readings and my adult experiences this concept of supporting our President did end with the assasination of Kennedy. From that point on up to the here and now, as soon as one party is elected the other party immediately finds fault and works in opposition.

The party that is not elected to power or has the minority is also faulted for its beliefs and ideoligy. A defininte division not just a fine line.

But back to the Supreme Court and the nomination for a new Justice. I am hearing and reading descriptions of the court not so much - if at all - about where each one stands on certain issues or even in general - but on how many of one religion, how many of what gender and how many of what race. Who cares! When we finally decide to recognize that people are people regardless of religion, race and gender then we can move on to who is really qualified to perform the job. After all is not qualification what it is reallly all about?

What a great nation this is and what a great nation our forefathers envisioned oh so many years ago. Why can't we keep it great based on those very basic premises and beliefs those who penned the Constitution had wanted for this country and its people for eternity.


The cause of saving the mortgage broker industry that was the initial effort of this blog has changed. The industry is beyond saving and the millions that found themselves unemployed as a result have either found new areas of employment or are still searching. One thing for certain is that they will no longer find gainful employment in the mortgage broker industry. The banks are making sure of that.

But what was more important then saving an industry was to reveal the truth. The truth about who was doing what and to whom and for what reason. What role did individual greed play to cause what I believe history will record as the greatest world wide depression ever. Depression you argue? Yes, depression when one third of the worlds assets have disappeared, millions upon millions are unemployed worldwide, when countries have found themselves bankrupt (at least those that admit to being broke) and no short term solutions in sight, in fact, no solutions anyone even knows for certain will work.

So what we must do is look at everything with realism not optimism or pessimism - realism. What is it really. What is the condition of the economy today - really. What are the unemployment figures - really. Who is getting richer - really. Realism equates to the truth and truth is what I set out to seek and still do seek.

In weeks to come we will look at topics such as the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Treasury, the economic system as a whole the way it really is by those who really control it and as a result control each and everyone of us and shape our daily lives for good or for bad.

There seem to be many things we as a nation are not supposed to know but perhaps there is much we don't know that we should know. We will look and draw our own conclusions. Asking questions, however, is healthy and that is what we will do here in TheMortgageCornerFORUM.

Your thoughts and comments are always welcome and encouraged.

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