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Thursday, January 15, 2009

So Much Happening

There is so much happening around the world today. Much of it not very good. The economy, of course, is grabbing headlines worldwide. Few countries seem to be unaffected. Of course, to those in the middle of a war zone, their economy is the last of their concern.

So where do we begin? It is difficult to say but to stay on topic this blog needs to continue to focus on economics and the politics of economy. I read, sometimes write for and often comment on several different blogs. Some are journalistic some topic specific and some general. Just recentlly I went to comment on a post in a blog that shall remain nameless. What I have been seeing in recent days is that a reader was leaving many comments per post totally off topic. In fact, the comments appearing on almost every post were numerous and attempts to spread and promote hate towards a specific group of people of a certan religious belief.

I made my last comments there, never to return. It is unfortunate because the blog had a lot of good information and many good, real stories not heard on main stream media, which is one of the main purposes here.

As I made my final comments there, I began to realize that I need to focus on this blog and contribute to it daily. I admit I have been lax in doing so but sometimes what is said daily is redundant. I am not a writer, reporter or commentator by profession and see how hard it is for professionals to maintain a daily colume, TV news broadcast or a good blog.

By producing daily posts, I am hopeful that a "good" dialogue can be started - one that will promote ideas, give other views and bring to focus more information.

I will welcome other participants either by comment to posts or as authors of posts. To insure the integrity of this siste, I will review all submissions to insure that they are "on topic". On topic is a very broad catagory but I think my posts here give some measure of scope. Real Estate, finance, economy and domestic politics are all fair game.

We have many problems here in the U.S. and indeed the system is broken. The solutionss and repair for many of our problems are being executed using the broken, sharp edged pieces of the problem itself. Case in point, the attempt to solve our debt problems by creating more debt. I don't know about anyone else, but I see this type of a solution as a method of prolonging or solidifying the continueance of the problem.

Creating solutins thourh partisan politics by using partisan politics additionally serves to prolong or continue indefinitely the many problems we face.

Creating new dollars from thin air to give to those who are the problem also just a continuation of more of the same.

So many topics, so many problems facing each American today. I look forward to discussions, thoughts and possible solutions.

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