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Friday, October 10, 2008

Paul Volker on Charlie Rose

I have my opinions and beliefs that I publish here. But who am I, just an ordinary citizen with no credibility or national exposure. So, I am pleased to bring you clips of those who are and who may get you thinking more.

Paul Volker, regardless of his political affiliations was, to this writers belief, one of the best Federal Reserve Chairman of recent times.

I must go on record however, as saying, that I do not believe The Federal Reserve functions on behalf of the citizens of this nation. They are not elected government officials nor are they even a part of our government. They are in fact, a secret, privately help corporation who contols each and every dollar we own and collect interest on each and every dollar we not only own but which they manufacture out of thin air. Case in point, the over a Trillion Dollars used in these latest bailouts.

The question remains, and perhaps somewhere down the line someone like Paul Volker can explain to us, why is it that we can create dollars to enhance and enrich corporate America but we cannot create dollars to pay off our deficit? Why also can we not create dollars or at least move existing dollars at the same "superman" speeding bullet velocity to places like New Orleans?

I just don't get it.

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