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Monday, October 6, 2008

CBS 60 Minutes...Finally The Truth

The good news, they finally are reporting the truth. The bad news, they should have done these reports before the Congressional vote on the latest bailout plan.

The scam supported by our regulatory agencies, created by those we have just spent over 1.1 Trillion Dollars bailing out and I believe with the knowledge of the Treasury, The Federal Reserve and The White House.

This is not only historic but unprecedented in the history of this country. I believe it to be treasonous as it sold out the American people and continues to sell them out by offering up trillions of dollars more to those that scammed not only this nation but the world.

I don't want to say "I told you so" but I told you so. Read my previous posts here and other stories at This has been my position since the beginning of what "they" called a Mortgage Crisis and what I have been calling a National Disaster.

The FBI claims to be investigating fraud at 24 companies yet they do not disclose which ones. Perhaps they can't because if the truth be known, many prominent people would be found to be complicit. How High The Fraud!

If you missed the story on TV, here it is direct from their website. I urge you to watch it and comment.

NOTE: Please turn off Bloomberg TV on the left to listen to this newscast. Simply "click" on the box with the square in it. Thank you.

Watch CBS Videos Online

If you don't think that is bad enough, watch this clip from the same 60 Minute show. There may well be a connection here. Allowing the the economy to falsly flourish could have been a tactical diversion to keep the public focus off of the war and from stories such as this one.

By keeping the public focused on their new found prosperity enjoying all the toys and rewards it had to offer, few truly paid attention to the realities of both Afganistan and Iraq. Iraq was pre determined to occur. By the premature capture of Bin Laden Iraq never would have been possible.

The wool has been pulled over our faces and "they" continue to do so.

Watch CBS Videos Online
Watch CBS Videos Online

You be the judge.

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