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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Are We Alright? America Needs to Speak Out!

While this is primarily a mortgage information blog, a departure for this post is important.

Are we alright? Where do we as a country and a society stand in terms of economy and way of life? Questions I believe every American is thinking about.

As we come closer to our Presidential election, of importance to the people of this great nation is survival. Not since the Great Depression have we been as concerned.

Fuel prices rising faster then ever in history are not only preventing most from traveling as they once did but seems to be the cause of price increases for other commodities and services as well. The increased price of food (also historically inflationary) is directly related (or so they say) to the increased cost of fuel and transportation.

Of prime concern is the ability to travel to and from work. For many, the increased cost depletes any discretionary income, the income once used for other necessities. It appears that the oil companies have learned that they can raise prices at will with little backlash from the consumer.

Sure, we all complain about the higher prices but what do we do to show our discontent? We cut back on our consumption which seems to cause prices to increase even more.

Oil companies are showing record profits. Increased profits can only occur by either selling more products or increasing prices.

If consumers are spending less at the pumps as news reports indicate, then the only other reason for these profits are due to price increases.

How much profit is enough? Oil companies have been profitable for decades. Is that same level of profit not sufficient, especially if it comes at the expense of paralyzing the average citizen?

I recently got an email that suggested a possible solution for this problem. It was suggested that every American permanently boycott one major oil company. In other words, no one buys gas from that company permanently. The theory behind this, and I believe it is valid, is that by not selling their inventories they would be forced to lower prices. Once the boycotted company lowered their price then others would begin to lower theirs as well and we would have the old time “gas wars”. It might be wise to start with the largest, most profitable company, Exxon/Mobil.

This, my friends, is how we can SPEAK OUT.

Lower fuel prices will quickly relate to lower food prices as well as lower prices on other goods and services.

The financial markets disaster is another area we need to address as concerned citizens. Our economy is out of control. The transfer of dollars from average citizens to the wealthy is occurring at unprecedented rates. In effect, our middle class is being wiped out. We are becoming a nation of HAVES AND HAVE NOTS. Our empire is crumbling.

We are becoming a sophisticated, technologically advanced third world country. Contradictory statements until you look at the reality.

Millions of starving children, not in Africa but right here in the good ole U.S.A. Fifty percent of our children do not graduate from High School. Unemployment on the rise with most of our jobs exported. Homelessness increasing everyday as foreclosures continue to surge.

Our government is spending BILLIONS of dollars to bail out large corporations, the ones that created much of this mess out of greed and lack of concern for the citizenry.

Socialism exists for corporate losses, capitalism for corporate gain. In effect, we are ruled by our mega corporations not by the people…politicians we elect to do so.

Socialized Capitalism, perhaps an emerging new political process for our country. A contradiction in terms but a reality of life.

Speak Out America! How? Again, mass action by the people, for the people (sound familiar) can accomplish this. Call, write, email all of your state and federal representatives and let them know….NO MORE BAILOUTS for corporations. After all, they don’t bail out the little business person like you and me.

Let our voices be heard, it is our right not only constitutionally but our right as members of the human race.


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